How to Troubleshoot a GPX DVD Player

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GPX, formerly known as Gran Prix, is a USA-based seller of value-priced consumer electronics products. GPX contracts manufacturing for its products in Asia. GPX DVD players include a micro-sized model and portable models that offer support for multiple languages, chapter title search and select, progressive scan output, dual voltage with an attached line cord, and a fully featured remote control.


Step 1

Access the "Setup" menu using the "Setup/Menu" button on the remote control. Go to the "Video Setup and Color" menu and make adjustments if the color looks off. You can adjust the brightness, contrast, hue and saturation. The up and down arrow buttons provide navigation.


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Step 2

Correct the aspect ratio if you can't see the complete screen when watching a DVD. Press the "Setup/Menu" button and navigate to "Display." Look for the Aspect Ratio option and choose one of the three options. Options include "4.3 L-Box." "L-Box" represents Letterbox. Use this option if you are watching a widescreen movie on a square or non-widescreen television. The complete frame will show.


Step 3

Select "4.3 PS" and experiment with the option. "PS" stands for Pan Scan and will try to make the image fit a square television. The only problem with this option is that it may cut off parts of the image on the left and right.


Step 4

Try "Wide" if you have a widescreen television. That's a television that displays in the 16.1 format.

Step 5

Try turning the "Zoom" setting off--it's a button on the remote control—if the picture doesn't fit the screen properly.



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