What Does "Smooth Motion Effect" Mean on a Vizio TV?

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When you are watching a video on your Vizio television set, the image may appear to be moving very smoothly because someone has enabled the device's Smooth Motion Effect feature. If you are accustomed to seeing some motion blur in videos, the effects of Vizio's Smooth Motion Effect technology on a video may make it seem "unreal" and unusually sharp.


Smooth Motion Effect

Video of a movie that was shot at the conventional film industry rate of 24 frames per second, or of a TV show shot at 30 frames per second, will sometimes have motion blur, also known as judder, when displayed on an HD television set. Vizio's Smooth Motion Effect technology analyzes the frame rate and inserts interpolated frames that smooth the image from frame to frame, removing motion blur. Interpolated frames are created by the TV and were not shot by the video's producers.


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Using Smooth Motion

When you enable the Smooth Motion Effect mode on your Vizio TV, the television activates its "Motion Estimation/Motion Compensation" technology. The ME/MC technology suppresses the blurry image effect resulting from a fast camera pan or from objects moving quickly across the frame. Press the "Menu" button on the Vizio's remote control, and then press the navigation key to select "Advanced Video." Select "Smooth Motion Effect," and then select an option, such as "Low," "Medium" or "High" to adjust the degree of blur suppression you want to use, or select "Off" to disable the Smooth Motion Effect.



People have become accustomed to seeing a blurry image when watching a video on TV that depicts motion. The blur makes movement seem "real" to TV watchers even though they would not see this same blurring when watching the motion in real life, such as cars careening through city streets during a police chase.


Vizio TVs

Vizio is a company that makes high-definition television sets with flat-panel LED displays. TVs range in size from 28 inches to 80 inches, measured diagonally, at the time of publication. Some Vizio TVs come with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi capability, which enable them to display streaming Internet videos.