How to Troubleshoot a Hitachi LCD TV

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TV problems often are related to external devices.

With any brand of LCD TV, a number of things can go wrong. Hitachi is no exception. If a problem appears, it doesn't mean you have to return the TV or buy a new one. You can try a number of fixes for problems that may arise.


Step 1

Check the settings on your external devices. If you're experiencing sound or image problems, especially synchronization issues, check the settings on the devices you are having a problem with. For example, if your Blu-Ray player is outputting to 1080p but your television supports a resolution of only 720p, this could cause the audio and the video to slip out of sync.


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Step 2

Try different inputs. If problems persist with external devices, plug them into different ports. The problem may be a bad input rather than a bad TV. Replace cables to make sure that isn't the problem.

Step 3

Check the settings menu. If the image on your Hitachi TV looks too dark or too washed out, adjust the picture settings in the television's main menu. Sometimes the factory settings on a Hitachi TV aren't in line with the needs of the user.



Step 4

Check to make sure your Hitachi TV isn't overheating. Because Hitachi sets have air vents on the back, they have a tendency to trap air between the television and the wall, which can cause overheating. If your TV is randomly shutting itself off, this might be the problem. Make sure the TV is at least six inches away from the wall, and leave it off for an extended period before you try to use it again.



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