How to Troubleshoot Sansui Televisions

By Billy Kirk

Sansui televisions are no more finicky or prone to problems than most other televisions models, but these TVs nonetheless can suffer from a number of common problems. None of these problems requires an advanced knowledge of televisions, and your Sansui can be successfully troubleshooted whether you are suffering from display irregularities or a loss of picture or sound. Additionally, no special tools are required to complete this task, as you will need only easy access to the back of the television and your cable or satellite receiver.

Step 1

Check the power cable connection on your Sansui television. The easiest potential problem to fix is a power connection issue. Make sure the power cord running from the back of the Sansui television still is firmly plugged into either the wall outlet or your power strip if one is in use.

Step 2

Observe the display of your Sansui television. Depending on your model, there may be significant "noise" on your display in the form of rapidly moving white dots, a phenomenon commonly referred as "snow." Make sure the coaxial cable is snugly plugged into the "ANT IN" port on the back of your Sansui television. Even a slight looseness can cause "noise," so be sure to tighten the coaxial cable even if it appears correctly connected.

Step 3

Check for additional video or audio problems. If your screen is blank and you have audio, or if you can see the cable/satellite feed but are experiencing no sound, look to the RCA cable connections on your Sansui. The RCA cables are the red, white and yellow plugs that plug into the back of your TV and the back of your cable or satellite receiver. The white and red plugs govern audio, while the yellow handles video. There are matching white, red and yellow RCA ports both on your TV's rear and the back of the cable/satellite receiver. Ensure the plugs are matched up with their correct, color-coded ports.

Step 4

Consider your video input selection if your Sansui television has no no sound and picture. Different inputs are assigned to different functions. For example, one video input handles your TV programming (cable or satellite), while another may handle your DVD player. Use the "input" button on your remote control to cycle through these inputs and re-select the correct input for your needs. Guess and check here works fine, but DVD players and game systems often are assigned to AV1 or AV2 although this will vary between Sansui model and depend upon which ports and cables you are using to connect these external devices.