How to Turn Off Location Services on an iPhone

You must re-enable Location Services to use any GPS-based apps.
Image Credit: FotoTravel/iStock/Getty Images

While technology that helps provide directions to the store can be helpful, you may not want your iPhone tracking your every movement. Turn off all Location Services functionality on your iPhone to prevent Big Brother and his pals from tracking your every movement. Location Services are managed via the Settings app on iPhones running iOS 8.1.

Turning Off Location Services

Touch the "Settings" icon on the home screen of your iPhone to display a list of customizable settings on the device. Touch "Privacy" and then "Location Services." Toggle the virtual "Location Services" switch to the Off position to turn off all location services on your iPhone. You will know the switch is turned off when it turns from green to white.

If you want to disable location services only for a specific application, scroll down the list of apps listed on the Location Services screen and toggle an app's switch to the Off position.

Implications and App Functionality

When you disable location services, a number of apps are affected, including some that may be important for day-to-day usage. While you gain some anonymity, certain apps that rely on GPS and location-specific data will cease to function as designed. You may find it a little tougher to locate that out-of-the-way pizza joint, for example, because the Maps app will no longer be able to give you directions.

You can re-enable location services at any time simply by heading back into the Location Services section of the Settings app and toggling the "Location Services" switch back to the On position.