How to Find a Stolen iPad

By Bobby Suds

An iPad is a great device to store personal information, play games, browse the Internet or read books. Unfortunately, many people in the world do not value others' property, so it's always possible to become the victim of theft. When your iPad is stolen, you must act quickly to have the best chance at getting it back. Think clearly and be positive and you may recover your stolen iPad.

Things You'll Need

  • iPad serial number
  • MobileMe account information

Step 1

Retrace your steps. If your property has been broken into or you have been mugged, then clearly your iPad can be classified as stolen. However, if it goes missing under vague circumstances, first make sure that someone has indeed taken it. Go back to the place where you think it was stolen and look around. Someone might have found it and turned it in. Ask store cashiers and restaurant waiters if they have a lost and found storage area.

Step 2

File reports. When you are certain it has been stolen, go into your local police precinct and file a report of theft. Because it is a non-emergency, the police will more than likely not come to the place where the iPad was stolen. Once you get a case number from the police, call your property or renters insurance company to see if they will cover the iPad. You can give them your case number as a reference.

Step 3

Lock the device. Your iPad may contain contact information, credit card accounts and sensitive emails. With your MobileMe service through Apple, you can lock your phone so that the thief cannot access any of your information. You will have had to set up the device beforehand with the "Find my iPad" feature. Go to the MobileMe website and sign in. Click on the device that you want to lock. The iPad's built-in GPS will show you the device's approximate location. If you have already set up a four-digit passcode, then type that code in. If not, you will be prompted to type in a four-digit code and password.

Step 4

Go to the location on the GPS. After you lock your device, use the map as a guide to find where the iPad is. The GPS will only give you an approximate location. It might be in the same place where you think it was stolen. If you come in contact with the person who you believe stole your iPad, do not try to confront them on your own. Call local law enforcement for help.