How to Password Protect Apps On An iPad

By Michael Porto

As most iPad users know, keeping your device safe from tampering is extremely important. Each device is quite expensive, so it is important for users to keep them protected and away from danger. It is strongly recommended by Apple that users create a password that appears whenever the device is turned on. This is similar to how computers use passwords to allow access with a log-in screen. Similarly, the iPad allows users to password protect specific apps in addition to the general log-in password.

Step 1

Select the "Settings" icon from your home screen or the main menu. This is where you go for all general settings as well as settings for specific functions of the device. Settings for your mail, iPod, photo, video and Safari can all be accessed from this menu as well. For more information regarding specific settings, see the link in the Resources section.

Step 2

Select "General" followed by "Restrictions." You will see a list of apps pop up in your browser as well as a check box that says "Enable Restrictions."

Step 3

Check the "Enable Restrictions" box to activate the password prompt. You will see an icon pop up that says "Set Passcode." It will look familiar to the general password prompt that you see when you initially log on to your iPad.

Step 4

Enter a four-digit password that will be easy for you to remember. Remember that this password will control access to specific apps and is a different password than the device code.

Step 5

Select which apps you would like to apply the new password to. When you are done selecting the apps, press "Done" to complete the process.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make your password for your apps different from your general log-in password.