How to Use GPS Tracking on My Virgin Mobile Phone

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GPS tracking works in connection with location-based services like mapping.

A number of Virgin Mobile phones now have a global positioning system (GPS) tracking feature. They include the popular LG Rumor, which calls the feature "Location." The GPS tracking works in connection with location-based services like mapping and the feature allows the network to detect your position. You can turn it off, which will hide your location from everyone except the emergency services which use it when you dial 911.


Step 1

Press the "Menu" button and navigate to the location services area. The location disclaimer will be displayed. This is the legal statement indicating that you are about to share your location.

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Step 2

Read the disclaimer and press "OK."


Step 3

Press the up and down arrows to select a setting. The settings will include "Off" and "On." Choose "On" and press "OK."

Step 4

Launch the mapping software on the phone and, depending on the sophistication of the phone, the phone will calculate your position either by triangulating your position using cellular towers or by using GPS satellite signals. If there's no mapping software on the phone, look for a "Get More Apps" icon (it may be near the wrench icon), press "OK" and "0" and use the up and down arrows to choose a mapping program like Google Maps.





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