How to Turn on the 10-Key on a Laptop

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Yes, your laptop's keyboard does contain a 10-key keypad for numeric data entry.

A 10-key numeric keypad speeds up the data entry process when using a spreadsheet or other financial program on your laptop. A laptop's 10-key keypad uses existing keys on your keyboard that are assigned to alpha data entry instead of numeric. You must first activate your laptop's 10-key keypad to turn it on and switch the keys' mode. The numeric keypad "on/off" function is like a toggle switch and lets you return to alpha entry mode within minutes.


Step 1

Locate and press the "Num Lock," "NumLock," "NumLK" or "Num" key on your laptop's keyboard. It might contain a picture of a keypad or be in a different color.

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Step 2

Look for an indicator light underneath or above the wording "Num Lock," "NumLock," "Num" or the picture of a keypad to illuminate. This indicates the 10-key numeric keypad is on.


Step 3

Press and hold the "Shift," "Alt" or "Fn" key then press the "Num Lock," "NumLock," "NumLK," "Num" key or the key containing a picture of a keypad if the indicator light is not illuminated. Certain model laptops require a two-key combination to activate the 10-key numeric keypad.



Step 4

Locate the group of keys containing small numbers — those keys make up the 10-key numeric keypad. Press the desired key to begin entering numerical data.

Step 5

Complete Step 1 or 3 to deactivate your laptop's 10-key numeric keypad once you are done entering numeric data.



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