How to Turn Up the Volume on a Kindle

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Listening to an audiobook is a great way to spend the afternoon.

Amazon's Kindle device is an e-reader that has gone through four iterations, including the larger "Kindle DX." The most recent Kindle doesn't have a unique name, but many people call it the "Kindle 3." This new Kindle has plenty of features, including its own audio options for audiobooks, the Kindle "Voice Guide," background music and the Kindle's "Text-to-Speech" function. If you want to use the Kindle's audio features, you can easily increase the volume using the controls built into the Kindle itself.


Step 1

Begin listening to the audio content you wish.

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Step 2

Locate the controls on the bottom edge of your Kindle device.

Step 3

Identify the volume control, which is the farthest control on the left. This is a "volume rocker," with a plus and minus icon on either side of it.



Step 4

Press the right side of the volume control, which has a plus icon on it. Each time you press it, the Kindle's volume will increase slightly. You can also hold down the control to constantly increase the volume until it reaches the level you want.



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