How to Type Over a Picture in Publisher

Microsoft Publisher enables aspiring designers to develop some basic skills by working with the program's ample library of templates and tools. Some of the most common tasks in Publisher involve placing objects -- such as text and photos into your projects -- and arranging those objects to layer on top of each other. For instance, graphic designers commonly insert text on top of a picture to create a unique graphic. Use Publisher's built-in layering functions, to make sure your text appears in front of the picture.

Step 1

Open the Publisher project you are working on.

Step 2

Click "Home," above the toolbar, on the top of the Publisher window.

Step 3

Click "Draw Text Box" in the toolbar's Objects section. This activates the text box drawing tool.

Step 4

Create a text box by clicking and holding the left mouse button in the design pane. Drag the cursor to increase the size of the box. Release the mouse button, when you are satisfied.

Step 5

Type text into the box. Deselect the box by clicking off of it.

Step 6

Move the text box over the picture by positioning the cursor on the inside of the text box, then clicking and dragging it to the picture.

Step 7

Click "Bring Forward" in the toolbar's Arrange section. A menu will appear below.

Step 8

Click "Bring to Front," and the text will jump to the front of the picture.

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