How to Upgrade the GPS for the Subaru Tribeca

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Subaru has equipped three American models -- the Legacy, Outback and Tribeca -- with in-dash GPS navigation systems since 2006. These touchscreen systems are the centerpiece of each vehicle's display and are operated by software installed on Kenwood receivers, usually located under the driver's seat. You'll have to purchase upgrades to your GPS system for the Tribeca, now available in versions 4.0 and 5.0 (at prices over $200, as of January 2011). But once you do, the installation is intuitive and takes minutes to complete.


Step 1

Turn on your Tribeca, engaging your navigation system. Locate your GPS receiver, usually located under the driver's seat, with the face pointing toward the rear passenger.

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Step 2

Press the button in the center of your GPS receiver, and the CD reader tray should open. Insert the first of two new CDs for your new navigation software. Press the center button again to close the door.


Step 3

Follow the display prompts. Press the button on the center of the GPS receiver's face again. Pull out the first CD and replace it with the second. Close the door again.


Step 4

Continue to follow the display prompts to finish installing the new software on your Tribeca's GPS system.

Step 5

Turn off the vehicle to disengage the power from the GPS receiver, then turn it back on to test out the new functionality.



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