How to Upload an MP3 for Voicemail

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Customize your voicemail message to entertain your friends when they call.

Mobile phones are being used by seemingly everyone today. To help customize your mobile phone, or your landline phone's voicemail message, you can use an .MP3 file of a recording that you've made yourself or taken from another source such as your favorite movie or TV show. Using an .MP3 file to replace your voicemail message is an easy and fun project that takes just a few minutes.


Step 1

Find the .MP3 file on your computer that contains the recording that you wish to use as your voicemail greeting.

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Step 2

Access your voicemail settings by calling your own phone number, or using an alternate route, to access the voicemail settings provided by your phone service provider.


Step 3

Open the .MP3 file that you located in Step 1 and play it once to ensure that it is indeed the file you want to use and it contains no errors. Leave the media player open on your computer.

Step 4

Select the prompt that is given by your voicemail settings provider to change the voicemail greeting.


Step 5

Select the option to record a new voicemail greeting by following the voice prompts given by your phone service provider's voicemail settings interface.


Step 6

Hold the speakers of your MP3 player or your computer near the microphone of your phone.


Step 7

Play the MP3 file when the voicemail settings prompt you to begin recording your new greeting while holding your phone next to the speakers that are playing the MP3 file. When the MP3 is finished playing and the greeting has been recorded, press the # key (or whichever key is designated by your phone provider) to mark the end of your recording.

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