How to Use a Partition Manager on Linux Mint

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Linux Mint is a version of the Linux operating system that (like all Linux operating systems) is free to use. If you run Linux Mint and want to manage the hard drives and partition on your computer, you can use the built-in partition manager software program to do so. This software program lets you create, edit and delete partitions on your Linux Mint operating system.


Step 1

Log in to Linux Mint, open the "System" menu, open the "System Tools" menu and then open the "KDE Partition Manager" program.

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Step 2

Delete a partition by clicking on it, then clicking the "Delete" button.


Step 3

Resize or move a partition by selecting the partition, clicking "Resize/Move" and then selecting the space you want to move the partition to in order to resize or move it.


Step 4

Create a new partition by clicking on the drive where you want to create it, then clicking the "New" button.

Step 5

Apply the settings changes you have made by clicking "Apply" and restarting your computer when prompted.




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