How to Use Camfrog on Linux Ubuntu

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Having trouble getting Camfrog to work on Linux Ubuntu? There are several ways to go about this using Wine, but you'll find that errors still occur even when you try to do that. This article will teach you a sure fire way to get Camfrog running in Ubuntu without the errors.


Step 1

Camfrog is designed for Windows, so it is no surprise that it causes a random error and then closes without warning in Ubuntu! You will not be using Wine for this method, so please exit Wine if it is running and then find your Run screen (sometimes Alt+f2).

Step 2

Find in your Main Menu under Preferences your Preferred Applications. One main error that people receive while running Camfrog in Ubuntu is that it is not installed correctly through the Preferred Applications Menu.

Step 3

The next common error people make while installing Camfrog in Ubuntu can be found by searching the system logs for any indication of a Camfrog .DLL error (sometimes labeled CfxDLL.error) in the main screen.


Step 4

If you are still having trouble, there is one last procedure you may try to ensure that Camfrog will run error-free. Find your Applications Menu, followed by the Add / Remove Programs Menu. You will now run a search for the Camfrog Installer using your Search for Apps feature.

Step 5

There should be no errors left in the system log, please uninstall Camfrog and then reinstall using the preferred methods listed in steps 2 and 4. Have fun chatting away!

Things You'll Need

  • Linux (Preferably Ubuntu)

  • Camfrog Install


For further instruction be sure to check with the Camfrog Help Section in the FAQ!