How to Use Google Maps on the iPhone

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How to Use Google Maps on the iPhone. One of the most exciting and useful applications available on the iPhone is Google Maps, giving you the ability to find locations by street address, map out directions and even view satellite pictures of specific places around the world. The advantage of using Google Maps on the iPhone as opposed to other similar phones is that it was designed to integrate directly with the service by developers at Apple and Google. Learning to use Google Maps on the iPhone is simple if you remember a few tips.


Step 1

Tap on the "Maps" icon on the home screen of the iPhone to open the Google Maps application. You will see a small search field at the top of the screen. Tap on the search field to make the keypad appear on the iPhone's screen.

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Step 2

Type an address into the search field using the keypad. You can use almost anything on the map as search terms, including the names of towns, cities, street intersections, landmarks or zip codes, but it is always best to be as specific as possible. Tap "Search" when you have finished typing and a small pin will appear on the screen marking the approximate location on the map.


Step 3

Find out more information about the location you have searched for by tapping on the pin. The name of the location and a short description will appear if it is available from the Google Maps database. If a phone number or website address is available, relevant buttons will appear that will automatically connect you via phone or Internet if you tap them.


Step 4

View a satellite image of the location you have searched by tapping on the icon labeled "Satellite" to switch to satellite view from the map. You can zoom in and zoom out using the same finger motions used to do so on the map. Scroll around the satellite image by tapping on a different area of the map to make it automatically become the new center of the image.



Step 5

Use Google Maps on the iPhone to get directions to a specific location by tapping "Directions" on the map and entering the beginning and ending locations in the "Start" and "End" fields. Tap "Route" to view the directions, tapping on the small black arrow icon to view the directions one step at a time or the small eye icon to see a list of all the steps involved.



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