How to Use Rosetta Stone Effectively

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Rosetta Stone is a language-learning software that teaches language by immersing you in that language. Unlike many other language-learning methods, Rosetta Stone teaches you the language by having you observe that language being used, without context in your native tongue. While the Rosetta Stone program is designed to give you everything you need to master a new language, there are a few additional steps you can take to ensure your success.


Step 1

Use the Rosetta Stone software modules in the order specified by the software. Even if you know a little bit of a language, each successive module builds upon the one before, and any missed vocabulary or concepts can make the rest of the program very difficult.

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Step 2

Make a schedule to use the software program a little bit every day. Short, frequent sessions will be much more beneficial than multi-hour infrequent marathon sessions. The Rosetta Stone modules are broken down into numerous sections that provide you with ready-made stopping points, as each is only between 15 and 30 minutes long.


Step 3

Use the audio companion CD for days when you don't have time to use the Rosetta Stone program. Each language solution includes and audio CD that is meant to be used to supplement the basic program.

Step 4

Write down the vocabulary as you learn it. Rosetta Stone immerses you in a language, so you don't get any study aids in written form. By writing down the vocabulary, as you learn it with the Rosetta Stone program, you can learn to read the language, as you learn to speak it. This is especially helpful with languages that use a different alphabet than you are used to.


Step 5

Place a mirror next to you while you are learning the language. This will help you see the way you form words, and will let you act out emotional words, as you say them. The mirror will be especially helpful if you are having trouble pronouncing some words, as sometimes just a minor change in the way you move your mouth can do the trick.



Step 6

Review the older modules and sessions, before you get too far ahead. At the end of each major session, Rosetta Stone has a test where you have to interact with a handful of people, using the words you learned throughout the session. Beyond this test, there isn't much in the way of a material review in the software. At any time, you can go back and replay older sessions to review what you have learned. These sessions will go by faster than your normal sessions, as you should know most of the words already.


Step 7

Take advantage of the Rosetta Stone Verzion 4 TOTALe program, which offers you an online room where you can speak with a tutor and other students. The program lets you learn the language as you practice, and play games in a fun and safe community setting. The program also comes with a mobile application for iOS devices, which you can use to practice pronunciation, while you are on the move.



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