How to Use Rosetta Stone With Multiple People

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Multiple users can use Rosetta Stone software.

The foreign language software program Rosetta Stone offers different versions of its software. The personal version is designed for individuals but can be used with up to five users on the same computer. Rosetta Stone also makes a classroom edition which is ideal if multiple people want to learn a foreign language on multiple computers.


Step 1

Install Rosetta Stone on your primary computer. The personal version of Rosetta Stone is designed to be used only on one computer.

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Step 2

Set up different accounts for each learner. Rosetta Stone supports up to five users on a single installation.


Step 3

Make sure that each user logs in to his personal account before beginning his lesson. This way the software will track the progress of each individual.

Step 4

Install the classroom version of Rosetta Stone if you have more than five people who want to use the program. This will allow the software to be installed on multiple computers or to be accessed online.



Step 5

Learn as a group. If you have more than five people who want to learn a foreign language, you can use Rosetta Stone personal edition in a group setting. Set up a large screen monitor or hook up your computer to your television. Have each individual take turns answering the questions on screen or answer together. It may be more difficult to track individual progress but the learning will still generally be the same.



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