How to Use the IDX System

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IDX is a medical management system commonly used in doctors' offices

Chances are if you have gone into your doctor's office, hospital or local clinic you have seen the receptionist using IDX software to input your patient information. General Electric owns the IDX system, which is medical management software used by medium to large hospitals, physician groups, and medical management firms. IDX is written in Massachusetts General Hospital Utility Multi-Programming System, or MUMPS, programming language and runs on the InterSystems cache. The software is used to schedule, bill, and to manage patient medical records.


Step 1

Use the left mouse button to double-click on the IDX logon icon on your desktop. Once the system starts, click the Caps Lock key so the system can recognize your information. The system will prompt you for a username and password, which are unique to you and provided by your employer. Type in your username at the prompt and press "Enter." When the password prompt appears, type in your password and press "Enter" again.

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Step 2

Choose one of three options once the main menu appears, depending on which task you want to perform. BAR is used to access billing accounts and receivables, SCHED is used to access physician schedules and schedule and track appointments and VM/HPA is used to tract visit records and accounting activities. Clicking on functions opens up activities and sometimes gives you choices for various sub-activities.


Step 3

Register new patients by choosing function one, which opens up a screen allowing you to enter their name and medical information into the IDX system. A patient identification number called a Medical Record Number, or MRN, will be assigned that is unique to that individual and is used for identification during subsequent visits. It is a good idea to verify patient information during the initial registration as all billing and contacts will be directed by the information you have entered into the IDX system.

Step 4

Use option 49 to look up a patient previously registered. If you do not have the unique MRN, enter the information you do have, such as the patient's first and last name and press "Enter." A list of patients matching that criteria will appear. Use other unique identifying information from the patient such as date of birth or Social Security number to match the appropriate record to this particular patient. Select the number which represents the correct patient record and press "Enter."


Step 5

Access patient information by using the patient inquiry function. This function can be accessed through the BAR, SCHED or VM/HPA menus. Different action codes will provide the desired information about the patients. Typing the letter "A" followed by pressing "Enter" will give you all available information about patient appointments. Typing the letter "I" followed by pressing "Enter" will provide invoice information. Typing the letter "R" at the "?" prompt followed by pressing "Enter" will create a list of patient referrals. Typing a "D" followed by pressing "Enter" will allow you to view patient demographics, insurance information and case management information not only for the patient but also for his family members.


Typing "?" at any of the prompts will display all available functions. You do not have to enter a full first and last name for the name look-up function; IDX recognizes partial names and will compile a list matching this criteria.


These instructions are applicable to version 4.0 of IDX.