How to Use the Parental Controls on Internet Explorer

By Tee Schneider

How to access and sett parental controls in Internet Explorer 11 to provide a safer surfing and computing environment for your kids.

Things You'll Need

  • Internet Explorer
  • Internet access
  • Computer

Using Parental Controls in Internet Explorer 11 is a simple way to set parameters to control when, what and how your children can access the Internet and your personal computer.

Accessing Parental Controls

Step 1

Select the Tools (keyboard shortcut, Alt-X) icon from the Internet Explorer browser window.

Tools menu.

Step 2

Select Internet Options from the drop-down menu.

Internet options.

Step 3

Click the Content Tab and select Family Safety.

Content/Family Safety

Step 4

Select the User Account you would like to use. This must be a Standard User Account -- not an Administrator or a Guest Account.

Standard user account.


If you don't have a Standard User Account, create one by selecting Create a new user account. You need to name the account and provide a password.

Creating a new user account.


Note of the warning that states, "As long as an administrator account has no password, any user can bypass or turn off parental controls." Follow the prompt at the end of the warning to add a password for these accounts.

Set password warning.

Using Parental Controls

The User Controls screen provides three settings:

  • Time limits
  • Games
  • Allow and block specific programs.

Step 1

Set time limits by clicking Time limits and then left-click and drag through the boxes on the chart to dictate which times throughout the week your children can have access to or be denied use of the computer. Click OK.


As per the legend: blue is blocked and white is allowed.

Time restrictions screen.

Step 2

Set game options by clicking Games. You can block access to all games, or set restrictions based on game ratings. Do this by clicking Set game ratings and then select the appropriate controls and click OK.

Set permissions by game ratings.

You can also control access by blocking or allowing specific game titles. Do this by clicking Block or Allow specific games. Select the appropriate controls andclick OK.

Set permissions by title.

Step 3

Set program options by clicking Allow and block specific programs. Your applications may take a few moments to populate. To restrict the programs your children are permitted to use, check the radio box beside Standard user can only use the programs I allow, and the select the specific programs you want to allow. Click OK.

Select the specific programs that standard users can open.


If an application you want to block does not appear in the list, select Browse, navigate to the application and add it manually.

Step 4

Make sure that On, enforce current settings is selected on the main screen.

Turn current settings on.

Click OK.

Restrictions summary.

Your parental controls are now set. Safety for them, peace-of-mind for you.