How to Use Your Mac Keyboard as a MIDI Device in Pro Tools

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If you want to create music in ProTools then it is recommended that you use a MIDI controller keyboard. This way you can easily play your compositions on an actual keyboard. However, if you want to use your Mac keyboard as a MIDI device, then you need to get a MIDI keyboard controller application. These are basic applications that mimic an actual MIDI keyboard with the keys on your Mac laptop or computer. Once you have a MIDI keyboard controller installed you can start using it in ProTools.


Step 1

Click "Applications," then launch your MIDI keyboard controller application. If you need to download one, three options are located in Resources.

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Step 2

Click "Applications," then click "ProTools."


Step 3

Select a MIDI track in ProTools. ProTools will automatically recognize new MIDI controllers.

Step 4

Click your MIDI controller program from the Dock.


Step 5

Press the keys on your keyboard to use it as if it were a piano keyboard. Your application should show a diagram to show each key representation.

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