How to View a Cell Phone in Direct Sunlight

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Looking at your cell phone in the sun can pose a problem.

Cell phones are small enough for you to carry them everywhere. With a cell phone, you can make phone calls, check your emails, surf the web or send text messages. Unfortunately, you may have a hard time seeing your cell phone's screen in direct sunlight. Either you may get a glare, or you may not see anything at all. You can prevent these problems from occurring the next time you take your cell phone to the park or to the beach.


Step 1

Adjust the brightness on your cell phone. Click the "OK" or "Menu" button. Navigate to "Settings" and "Display Settings." Select "Backlight" and "Brightness." The more brightness you set, the easier it will be to view your cell phone in sunlight.


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Step 2

Purchase an anti-glare cover. These covers allow you to view your cell phone in directly lit areas. Many online retailers and electronic stores carry anti-glare covers for cell phones.


Step 3

Sit in a shaded area. If you do not want to get out the sun completely, sit under a tree or another place that has shade. You will have a much easier time viewing your cell phone.



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