How to View Copy & Paste History

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The Windows Clipboard keeps a log of the copy, paste and similar editing events on your computer. And while previous versions of the Windows operating system allowed users to access the clipboard directly, newer versions keep the feature obscured in the operating system's background. But with the help of some third-party software, you can keep an active log of the copy and paste history on your computer.


Step 1

Download a free copy of Clipboard Launcher to view your copy and paste history (see Resoruces). Clipboard Launcher generates an active list of your copy and paste history, with the copy and paste events listed in the main windows and the application in which the event occurred lined down the side of the program. You can disable clipboard data for selected applications or search a program's copy and paste history.


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Step 2

Get a free copy of Clipboard Recorder to view your computer's copy and paste history (see Resources). Clipboard Recorder can keep a log of your copy and paste history for text events, pictures and web page embedded objects. Simply click on the copy and paste event under the program's "Main" heading to view the copied text in the program's main window. Clipboard Recorder also features a "Pause" button so you can keep some copy and paste events from being logged.



Step 3

View a log of your copy and paste history using a free copy of Clipboard Magic (see Resources). The compact program stores a text log of all of your copy and pasted data. Clipboard Magic includes the ability to both save and import text files of your copy and paste history. Clipboard magic can either run in windowed mode or in your operating system's background.



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