How to View Unread Email in Hotmail

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For a long time, free email providers engaged in a sort of email-storage arms race. It seemed like a month couldn't pass without an announcement about the new, increased storage size of your Gmail or Yahoo! Mail inbox. Microsoft's Hotmail lifted itself out of the war by introducing an ever-expanding inbox that automatically grows as you need more space. All of that storage space comes at a price, however; it can be easy to lose track of an email in the flood of messages. Fortunately, one of Hotmail's filters displays only unread emails, making it easy to see which message's you've missed.


Step 1

Open a Web browser and travel to the Hotmail website at

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Step 2

Log in normally using your Windows Live ID. Click on "Go to inbox" if you're taken to your Windows Live homepage rather than your Hotmail inbox.


Step 3

Click the "Unread" option in the inbox's "Show" toolbar, located between the inbox search field and your list of emails. The filter activates and only your unread emails appear in your inbox.





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