How to Wake a PC That Went to Sleep Using a Dell Half Moon Key

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Use the half-moon key to take your Dell computer out of Sleep Mode.

Dell has been a well-respected name in the computer manufacturing business since their inception in 1984. The initial concept of the company was to sell computers directly to consumers without involving middlemen such as retail outlets or electronics stores. Dell has since become a sales powerhouse that still sells directly to customers while also supplying stores with various computer models. Dell computers have an option called Sleep Mode, which shuts a computer down for power-saving purposes. If your Dell computer goes to sleep, you can wake it up using the key on the keyboard featuring a half-moon on it.


Step 1

Locate the key on the Dell keyboard that has the symbol of a half-moon on it. Dell normally positions this key in the top row of the keyboard.

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Step 2

Hold that key down. If the half-moon key is a secondary symbol on one of the function keys, press the "Fn" key first and then push down the function key with the half-moon on it.


Step 3

Wait several seconds for the computer to wake up.



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