How to Watch Local TV Stations Live on the Internet

You can catch your preferred local TV stations the minute they are aired live online, for free. Several TV networks provide countless options for watching free local TV channels online through digital reception displays. Customary television sets, portable computer screens, smartphones, laptops, and personal digital assistants are but a few examples to consider. Besides, you can use this as another option or a substitute for pay television to imitate the cable TV experience "[Ref 2, 2nd para]".

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Local TV stations can be watched live on the internet
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What to do


Localize the search process of your preferred TV network. For instance, you can visit network-owned, show-related, and entertainment websites such as 9news to view local news in Colorado, or Hulu to catch your favorite series.


Locate and log on to the chosen website. Log in for free or sign up if required.


Search for your favorite TV content. Utilize the listing or search box on the website. Click on your preferred program and stream directly from the network website.

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