How to Watch Two Shows at Once with DirecTV DVR

By Techwalla Electronics Editor

With DirecTV, there is no need for channel switching or reaching for the remote control. Ideal for a family of television lovers, it allows you to watch two distinct shows simultaneously. Here's how you can watch two shows at once with a DirecTV DVR.

Things You'll Need

  • Phone connection or satellite internet
  • Multiswitch
  • Satellite dish with dual output LNB
  • Output devices and a remote control
  • DirecTV DVR or receiver with a dual tuner

Step 1

Opt for a dual tuner DVR with your DirecTV programming service.

Step 2

Ensure that the DirecTV satellite dish that you install has a dual output LNB, which is able to amplify signals to indoor devices also.

Step 3

Verify if the existing wiring system uses RG-6 coaxial cables. If not, allow the DirecTV pro to equip your house with one.

Step 4

Build a phone connection through the telephone jack for online installation, upgrade and billing of the system. Those who do not have a landline can opt for a satellite Internet service.

Step 5

Connect the DVR or the receiver, through a multiswitch, to all the output devices in different rooms as required.

Step 6

Activate the DirecTV programming schedule on your DVR and get yourself educated about its operations.

Step 7

Navigating through the "Easy Programming Guide," and select the shows you would like to watch on two distinct output devices.

Step 8

Equipped with the dual tuner, the receiver will route the signals to the different devices.

Step 9

Play them together and watch simultaneously.

Step 10

Take advantage of a unique feature known as "'Mix Channels" in the new genre DVR, which displays live feeds of multiple channels at once so you can simultaneously look at what several channels have to offer and select the one that fancies you.

Tips & Warnings

  • Settle for a HD DVR for high quality lifelike viewing.
  • DVRs are now available for up to 4-room viewing.
  • When two distinct programs are being watched on two devices, there is a little scope for the deterioration of stereo sound quality. The output will be better in case of a uniform program.