How to Write a Superscript on a Mac

Apps for word and text processing software that come with Mac OS X have a method for creating superscripts: an elevated font style frequently used in exponents in math functions and scientific symbols, and to refer to footnotes from the main body of a page. With slight variations, the superscript technique applies to Pages, Notes and Stickies.

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Start the Pages app by clicking its icon in the Dock.

Create blank document
credit: J T B

Choose a blank document and enter some text in it.

Highlight text
credit: J T B

Highlight the text you want to change to superscript.

Change text to superscript
credit: J T B
Superscripted text
credit: J T B

Click the Format menu, select Font, click Baseline, then click Superscript. Pages converts the highlighted text to a superscript.

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