How to Zoom in on a Screen

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Magnify screens on your computer.

Both Windows and Mac operating systems have useful zooming capabilities. Photo editing is easier when you zoom in on a specific portion of the photo. Websites sometimes have too-small writing. Maybe your eyes are tired or you're sitting farther than usual from your computer. Whatever the reason, when you want to see an enlarged version of a screen, it's helpful to know how to zoom efficiently.

On a Windows Operating System

Step 1

Hold your cursor over the spot you want to zoom in on.

Step 2

Press "Ctrl" while simultaneously either rolling the middle button on your mouse forward or pressing "+" on your keyboard. If you're using the Windows XP or earlier operating system, this works on most programs and internet browsers. On Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating systems, it also works on your desktop and computer's folders.

Step 3

Return the screen to normal -- or zoom out -- by pressing "Ctrl" and either rolling the middle mouse button toward yourself or pressing "-" on your keyboard.

On a Mac Operating System

Step 1

Open the "System preferences" menu.

Step 2

Select "Keyboard and mouse," then "Trackpad."

Step 3

Check the box beside "Zoom while holding Control."

Step 4

Press "Ctrl" when on the screen you wish to magnify and run two fingers up the Mac's trackpad.

Step 5

Press "Command" and "Option" and "=" to zoom in if your Mac doesn't have a trackpad. If nothing happens when you do this, press "Command" and "Option" and "8" to turn your zoom function on.