I Am Trying to Hook Up a Live Sound Bar to a Toshiba LCD TV

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Add some pop to your internal speakers with an iLive sound bar.
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An iLive sound bar can be used to complement your Toshiba LCD TV's internal speakers or to replace your TV's speakers. When connecting an iLive sound bar to your Toshiba LCD TV, you have to consider the inputs and outputs available on each device and that the TV and the sound bar need to be set up to work with each other.



Toshiba LCD TVs offer an SPDIF digital audio output that carries the TV's audio to an external speaker system in high definition. ILive sound bars let you connect the audio from an external device to the sound bar through the sound bar's stereo RCA inputs. Unlike the audio output on the Toshiba TV, the stereo RCA inputs only support standard definition audio.

Cable Converter

Because the audio output on the Toshiba TV and the audio input on the iLive sound bar are different, you'll need to use a stereo RCA-to-SPDIF digital audio converter. These converters are available at most electronics stores where TV accessories are sold. Additionally, because you are using more than one cable to carry the audio signal, the audio quality played through the iLive sound bar will be equivalent to the lowest-quality cable, which in this case is standard audio quality.


Sound Bar Considerations

Make sure that the iLive sound bar is set up to play audio from the input where you connected your Toshiba to the device. If you're not hearing audio, ensure that the volume isn't muted and that the volume is turned up on the iLive sound bar. Additionally, ensure the audio cables are firmly plugged in to the jacks on the Toshiba TV, the converter and the iLive sound bar; if the cables are not firmly plugged in, you may not hear any audio.

TV Considerations

Even if the audio cables are firmly connected to everything and the iLive sound bar is set up correctly, the TV may not be set up to output its audio to the iLive sound bar. Check the external speaker settings through the Audio Setup section in your Toshiba TV's main menu. Additionally, ensure that the TV isn't muted and that the volume isn't turned down; if the TV's volume is turned down, you won't hear any audio through the iLive sound bar regardless how loud the sound bar is turned up.