How to Hook Up a Vizio Sound Bar to a Philips TV

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Philips TVs offer a digital audio output instead of standard audio output jacks or an optical audio output jack. However, because most external speakers or receivers don't have a digital audio input you need to use a converter to convert the digital audio to standard audio, making it possible for you to output your TV's audio feed to an external device, such as the Vizio Sound Bar. The Vizio Sound Bar offers a surround sound experience without all of the speakers. Connecting the Vizio Sound Bar to your Philips TV can bring movies, TV shows, games to life.


Step 1

Connect a digital audio cable to the orange Digital Audio Out output port on the right side of the back of your Philips TV.

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Step 2

Connect the other end of the digital audio cable to the digital audio cable input on a digital audio to analog audio converter.


Step 3

Connect standard audio cables to the correspondingly colored output ports on the other side of the audio converter.

Step 4

Connect the standard audio cable to the matching colored jacks beneath INPUT 1 or INPUT 2 on the back of the Vizio Sound Bar.


Step 5

Press the "Power" button on top of the Vizio Sound Bar to turn it on. Press the "Power" button on the remote associated with the Philips TV to turn it on. Change the channel on the Philips TV to a channel that you know is playing audio. You can verify this by pressing the "VOL+" button on the TV's remote control so you can hear the volume through the TV's built-in speakers.



Step 6

Press the "Input" button on top of the Vizio Sound Bar until you hear the sound from the Philips TV coming through the Vizio Sound Bar. Press the "Vol +" button on top of the Vizio Sound Bar to set the volume coming out of the Vizio Sound Bar at a comfortable level.



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