I Can't Delete a Video Off of Facebook

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When Facebook first began, it was all about pictures and status updates. There wasn't much to the site in the early days, and the Facebook of 2011 is almost unrecognizable from the Facebook of 2005. Facebook now features videos and interactive games and has become a kind of one-stop Web site. Working with videos on Facebook isn't complicated, so long as the video you want to modify or delete belongs to you.



As a rule, you can only control items on Facebook that you created. If you upload a photo album, you are its curator and can add photos or delete them. The same rules apply to videos. If you uploaded a video, you have complete control over it. When someone else uploads a video of you, you have no control over it. You'll either have to ask that person to remove it or untag yourself from it.


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Removing a Video You Own

As long as you have permission with a specific video, you can do whatever you like with it. All you need to do is be logged in to the Facebook account from which the video was uploaded (if you have multiple accounts), then click "Photos," "Video" and "My Video" and start playing the clip you want to remove. Once the video is playing you'll see a "Delete" link along the bottom. Click this text to remove the video from Facebook.


Tagging and Untagging

Someone else can upload a video with you in it and tag you – just like tagging a photo on Facebook. This doesn't give you control over the video, it simply means that your friends – and the friends of the person who tagged you – can see you in the video. If this video has some embarrassing content, you have two choices: you can view the video and click "Remove tag" beside your name, which doesn't delete the video; or you can send a message to the person who owns the video and ask them to remove it. When you untag yourself, the video doesn't appear in your profile so your friends won't know you are in it.


Repeated Tagging

Facebook advises removing people from your friends list who repeatedly tag you in videos. You can only tag people in your friends lists on Facebook, so if you remove yourself as that person's friend, he won't be able to tag you. Facebook cannot make anyone remove a video, so it's up to you to ask the person to delete the video for you.