Instructions for the Garmin Sat NAV

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Instructions for the Garmin Sat NAV
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Garmin Sat NAV GPS devices include all the Nuvi GPS devices in the 3700 series, including the 3750, 3760, and 3790. These GPS models have several features, including Bluetooth phone pairing, hands-free operation, landscape/portrait orientation choosing, and three transportation modes. To use your Garmin Sat NAV GPS for the first time, you should follow a few setup steps.


Step 1

Mount your Sat NAV. Snap the GPS holder onto the suction cup and press the suction cup to the windshield. Push the lever down to secure it, and then click your GPS into place in the holder.

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Step 2

Connect your Sat NAV to power by plugging the included vehicle power cord into the side of the GPS holder, and then into your car's power adapter port. Your GPS will automatically turn on if your car is on.


Step 3

Follow the onscreen prompts to set up your GPS for its first use. Press the "Where to?" button to begin your search for the desired destination.

Step 4

Choose the desired category for finding your destination. To search by name, press "Points of Interest," choose "Spell Name," and then enter the name of your location with the onscreen keyboard. To search by address, press "Address" and then enter in the address of your intended destination. To search by type of location (such as food, shopping,or recreation), press "Points of Interest" and select your desired subcategories until you find the desired location.


Step 5

Begin navigation to your destination by pressing the "Go!" button. You can also save the destination to your favorites list by pressing the "Save" button.

Step 6

Add a stop to your active route by pressing the arrow button, pressing "Where to?," and then selecting your stop. When your stop is selected, press "Go!" and then "Add to Current Route."



Step 7

Add a detour or stop to your active route by pressing the arrow button and then touching "Detour" or "Stop."

Step 8

Change your screen orientation (landscape/portrait) by rotating your GPS to the desired viewing mode. The onscreen information will automatically flip to conform to the GPS rotation.


Step 9

Change the brightness of your screen. Navigate to the main menu, touch "Tools," press "Settings," choose "Display," and then select "Brightness."

Step 10

Change your transportation mode to "Bicycle," "Pedestrian," or "Automobile" by pressing the "Transportation mode" icon on the main menu. Choose the desired mode, and then touch "Save."


Step 11

Turn on the voice command mode by saying "Voice Command" clearly next to the GPS. Say "Find by Name" to begin searching for a location. Listen to the vocal directions to continue the process. Say "Exit" to turn off the voice command mode.


Step 12

Pair your Bluetooth phone with the GPS by enabling it on your phone (the process varies by phone model), and then on your GPS by touching "Tools," pressing "Settings," choosing "Bluetooth," selecting "Enabled," and pressing "OK." Press the button underneath "Phone," press "OK," and choose your phone from the list of available Bluetooth devices. Touch "OK," and then enter in your phone's PIN. You may now place/end calls by touching the phone icon on the main menu, selecting "Dial," entering in the number, touching "Dial," and then pressing the phone icon and selecting "End Call."