How to Set the Date & Time on a Garmin Forerunner

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The Garmin Forerunner is an excellent tool for running, allowing you to track your distance, speed, heart rate and more. The GPS-enabled device uses satellite technology to save your location and movements. When you are done with your run, the watch can connect wirelessly to your computer and save your training information. The sleek bezel design makes navigating the menu easy. It is touch-sensitive, allowing you to use your finger to scroll through the menu options. In a few steps, you can get your date and time set and be on your first run.


Step 1

Touch and hold "GPS" on the bezel. The bezel is touch-sensitive and is used to scroll through the menu options. Be sure that GPS is set to "On."

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Step 2

Go outside and stand for several minutes in an area with clear access to the sky (trees and buildings can block the GPS from accessing the satellites). The watch will automatically set the time using GPS satellite signals.


Step 3

Press and hold "Menu" on the bezel and select "Settings" and then "Time." From here you can edit options such as time format (12 or 24 hour), time zone (select nearest city), and adjust daylight savings time.





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