How to Use a Garmin GPS 72

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The Garmin GPS 72 is accurate to within 3 meters, has a relatively large screen and floats. The GPS 72 is preloaded with worldwide cities and is also mariner-friendly, not just because it floats, but also because it's packed full of marine navigation aids like day beacons and buoys. It also has celestial data like tides, sunrise/sunset and a hunting and fishing calendar.


Step 1

Install the Batteries. Remove the battery cover on the back by turning the D-ring counter clockwise and pulling the cover loose.

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Step 2

Turn the device on. A Welcome page will appear, followed by a Warning Page. Acknowledge these pages by pressing the "Page" key.


Step 3

Cycle through the five main display pages to familiarize yourself with the device's features. Press either the "Page" or the "Quit" key to cycle. The GPS Information, Map, Pointer, Highway and Active Route pages will appear.

Step 4

Initialize the GPS Receiver. Take the device outside and turn it on. Make sure there is an unobstructed view of the sky and point the top at the sky. Allow the until to gather data for about five minutes. The message "3D GPS Location" will appear when it has completed its discovery.


Step 5

Mark a waypoint. Press and hold the Enter/Mark key. The GPS 72 will capture its current location and display the Mark Waypoint page. Press Enter again to save the data. It will use default labels. Once you get more familiar with the device you can customize these labels.

Step 6

Begin walking. Hold the GPS72 with the top of the unit pointing towards the sky and walk for a couple of minutes then make a left or right turn. Continue walking for another two minutes, then stop.



Step 7

Navigate back to the starting point. Press the "Goto" key and with the original waypoint highlighted pres the "Enter" key. Start walking and as you begin the pointer will turn and point at your destination. Turn the pointer until it is aligned with the vertical line in the compass ring. Continue walking, and as soon as you have arrived at your destination the device will display a message alerting you that you are at your destination.


Step 8

Create a new route by highlighting "Routes" on the main menu and press "Enter," then, while the Routes page is displayed press "New" and then press "Enter." A blank route page will be displayed. Press "Menu" again and "Create Route Options" will be displayed.


Step 9

Select "Use Map." The map will be displayed with the map pointer active. Point to any location on the map and enter it in the route. Enter the routes' points in the order you want to navigate. The GPS72 will store the points you have selected either as waypoints or as map features. You will need a minimum of two points to create a route. Press "Enter" when you have finished.

Step 10

Select "Start/Stop Navigation" on the Routes page to navigate the route.




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