Is it OK to Leave a Charger for a Cell Phone Plugged In?

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Don't leave a cell phone charger plugged in too long.

Cell phones have all but become a necessity in business and personal lives today. With these phones come their chargers, which individuals sometimes leave plugged into outlets for long periods of time. This is usually not a good idea.



Leaving cell phone chargers plugged into outlets draws energy from that outlet, even when the charger is not in use. Not only does this waste energy, but consumers end up paying for electricity that they are not really using. Whenever possible, try to remove an unused charger from its outlet.


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There is a small, but important, safety risk to consider when leaving cell phone chargers plugged in. Since they draw electricity from the outlet, a fire may occur if a wire is short-circuited, or the charger comes into contact with water.



A power strip can be a good solution for those who do not want to constantly plug and unplug their cell phone chargers from an outlet. The charger (and other electrical devices) can be plugged into the power strip, which is plugged into the outlet. The strip is then shut off when not in use.