List of Channels for a TV Converter Box

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The new TV converter boxes are an ideal way to get a lot of channels for not a lot of money. You will not have as many channels as with cable, but the TV converter boxes allow broadcasting networks in your area to include sub-channels that may run the news, weather or additional programing. Every part of the country will receive different channels, so it is impossible (and fruitless) to attempt to list the channels received on a national scale. Instead, let's examine the types of channels a digital converter box will likely receive in any part of the country.

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Several factors decide what channels will turn up on your TV once you connect it to a digital converter box. The weather, your location (city living versus country living), even the floor on which the TV converter box is located can affect the clarity and reception of channels.

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Local Network Channels

Every national network like NBC, Fox, CBS, ABC and even the CW broadcasts to local affiliates. These affiliates are responsible for producing your local news and other local programming. And each of these will most likely be received by your digital converter box. Each station broadcasts the normal channel with regular programming available across the country (such as Jay Leno or David Letterman). Plus each station has one or two sub-stations. Depending on the decisions of your local affiliate, these sub-stations run 24 hour news, weather, weather radar or other local programming.

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The Public Broadcast Station receives its own category when it comes to TV converter box channels because it offers much different programming on each of its sub-stations. Of course, there is a main channel with regular PBS programming like "Sesame Street" and the "News Hour" with Jim Lehr. In addition, many PBS local affiliates run an all Spanish station. The third sub-station is a new PBS invention called Create. Create broadcasts do-it-yourself, how-to, cooking and travel shows.

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Local Channels

Some cities broadcast a local channel to your digital TV converter box. This channel runs a variety of drama and sitcoms programs and movies. For example, the Indianapolis, Indiana, local channel is called WNDY. This channel bases its programming decisions on the demographics and preferences of its viewers.

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Religious Channels

Television would not be complete without freedom of speech. Many religious stations broadcast to the digital TV converters. The programing consists of religious cartoons for children, religious ceremonies and religious talk shows.

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Every City Is Different

The channels you receive through your digital TV converter box depend on a variety of factors. You may receive more channels than are listed here, but there is also a possibility you will receive less. Regardless, digital TV converter boxes offer way more channels than plain old rabbit ears alone.