How to Get All Comcast Channels

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Comcast is one of the nation's largest cable providers. The company has a variety of different packages an tier levels. Each tier comes with an increased price but more channels. If you do not mind the amount you pay for your cable programming, you can obtain all of the channels Comcast offers to the public. This includes everything from local stations to international sports.

Step 1

Contact Comcast by phone. Although you can upgrade your services online it is far faster and easier to do it with a customer service representative.

Step 2

Increase your current tier package to "Digital Premier." This is the highest single level of service you can have. The service includes most premier movie stations (such as HBO, Showtime and Cinemax) and the sports entertainment package.

Step 3

Ask for the HD package while still on the phone with the Comcast operator. This adds on all of the HD equivalents of the stations you currently have.

Step 4

Sign up for international programming by calling Comcast directly. There are 15 different international programming packages, ranging from South Asian to Greek. If you want all of the stations you need to sign up for all of the packages.

Step 5

Add the Adult package if you want. However, if you want all Comcast channels this is a must. This package includes several Playboy networks and the Spice channel. Request the additional package by contacting Comcast.