List of MS Word Features

You can buy Microsoft Word 2010 as a stand-alone product, or get access to it through your purchase of Microsoft’s Office 2010 software suite. Microsoft Word 2010 is compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP 32-bit, but you’ll need service packs installed to use it with the latter two operating systems. Your computer needs a 500 MHz or faster program to run Word 2010, as well as a monitor with a resolution of at least 1,024 pixels by 576 pixels. While you may think of Microsoft Word as a simple word processing tool, it also offers a variety of features to enhance documents and collaboration.

Formatting And Editing Tools

You can apply drop shadows, reflections and gradient fills to text in Microsoft Word 2010, along with themes that help you coordinate colors, fonts and graphic formatting effects throughout your document. Word 2010 gives you the ability to crop, color-correct and apply artistic filters to photographs you place in your documents. A feature called SmartArt allows you to turn a bulleted list into a diagram.

Collaboration And Review

If you work with other people on projects, you can take advantage of a tool that allows two users to make changes to a document simultaneously. You can chat with the other author without leaving Word. If you’re sharing a document with others by email, you can configure it so that changes can only be made to certain parts of the item or can only be changed by certain people. Word 2010’s Review tab gives you one-click access to its spelling and grammar check, translation tools, a thesaurus and its word count tool. Another option allows you to compare two versions of a document.

Recovery And Document Information

Word 2010 makes it possible for you to recover versions of a document that you closed without saving. The Recent link in Word 2010’s file menu makes it easy to see the documents you’ve used recently, without having to remember where you saved them. The Info link shows you what permissions you’ve set for a document and whether it will be easy for people with disabilities to read.

Insert Tools

The Insert tab in Microsoft Word allows you to select the size of your table in rows and columns by highlighting a simulated table in a drop-down menu. As you change your highlighted areas, the preview of the table displayed in your document changes as well. A screenshot tool allows you to select a portion webpage, then insert the image into your document. You can also easily insert WordArt, drop caps, a date and time, or a symbol from the Insert toolbar.