How to Change Font Color in Adobe Reader

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Adobe created the portable document format, or PDF, so that files could be shared easily across computer platforms. Adobe PDF documents can be multi-page documents or single-page documents, and can include an array of graphics and text in an assortment of colors. For people with vision problems, reading lighter-colored fonts can be difficult. You can change the preferences in Adobe Reader to show text in different colors.


Step 1

Open Adobe Reader. Click the "Edit" drop-down menu and choose "Preferences."

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Step 2

Select "Accessibility" in the navigation pane on the left.

Step 3

Check the box beside "Replace Document Colors." This opens the other options for editing.


Step 4

Select "Custom Color." At this point, you can modify the background color and the font color. To change font color, click the color palette box beside "Document Text."


Step 5

Select the color from the small palette box. You can also choose "Other Color" to further customize your font color. Select your color and click "OK."

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