How to Print a PDF With a Change of Font Color

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PDF is the universal document format that embeds fonts, layouts and images within the document without requiring special software to view the document. Adobe Reader allows you to open, view and make changes to PDF files and is available for free from the Adobe website. The accessibility feature of Adobe Reader allows you to change and replace font color. You can change the font color to any number of colors using this feature and then print the document with the changed color.


Step 1

Double-click the PDF file to open the file in Adobe Reader.

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Step 2

Click "Edit" from the top-menu and then select "Preferences" from the drop-down menu.

Step 3

Click "Accessibility" under "Categories" in the left-pane of the Preferences window.


Step 4

Check the box next to "Replace Document Colors."

Step 5

Click "Custom Color."

Step 6

Click the color box next to "Document Text." Choose a color from the color picker box.



Step 7

Check the box next to "Only change the color of black text or line art."

Step 8

Click "OK."

Step 9

Click "File" from the top-menu and then click "Print" from the drop-down menu.


Step 10

Click "Properties" and make sure the check box next to "Grayscale Printing" is unchecked.

Step 11

Click "OK" to print.

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