How to Delete Documents From Word

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Word gives you a number of ways to delete a document.

Deleting documents is a quick way to manage folders and eliminate files you no longer need. Maybe you have multiple copies of a file or saved the document temporarily. Word allows you to delete documents directly from the program. Files removed from the list of recently opened files are only cleared from the screen until they are reopened. You cannot delete a document that's open elsewhere. It's best to exit from Word and the program using the file first.


Step 1

Select the "File" tab and "Open." The Open dialog box displays.

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Step 2

Find the document you want to remove. To navigate to another folder, click the "Look in" drop-down and select the folder containing the file or click the folder in the left pane.


Step 3

Select the document. To delete a series of documents, drag your mouse over the files you want to delete. They will be selected. To delete files that are within the same folder, but not adjacent to each other, click the first file you want to delete and hold the "Ctrl" key as you select the next file(s).



Step 4

Press the "Delete" key on your keyboard, click the "X" delete button at the top of your dialog box or right-click and press "Delete."

Step 5

Press "Yes" to confirm the deletion in the box that displays.




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