My HP Deskjet 3520 Won't Print

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A faulty printer cable can cause problems.

No matter how you use your HP Deskjet 3520, when the printer refuses to work it is a major inconvenience. Fortunately, many common problems with the Deskjet 3520 can be fixed relatively quickly. The key is to take a step-by-step approach to troubleshooting the printer. By eliminating possible causes one by one, you can resolve any issues quickly and get your printer back in working order.


Step 1

Listen to the printer when you send a print job to it. If you can hear the printer start up, you know you have good communication between the PC and the unit. Check the paper tray to make sure the paper is properly positioned. If the Deskjet 3520 does not detect paper in the tray, it will try to print and fail.


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Step 2

Print a test page to test the communication between the printer and the computer. Press the "Power" button for five to 10 seconds or until the page begins to print. If the test page prints but jobs sent from your computer do not, you know you have a problem with printer communication.


Step 3

Log on to your computer and click on the "Start" button. Choose "Control Panel" from the menu and double-click on the "Administrative Tools" icon. Double-click the "Services" icon and scroll down to Print Spooler. Right-click on the "Print Spooler Service" and choose "Start" if the service is not running. The print spooler service keeps track of jobs sent to the printer, and if the service is not running, the printer will not work.


Step 4

Remove and reseat the printer cable. Printer cables can work themselves loose, especially if there is a long distance between the computer and the printer. Make sure the cable is firmly seated, then send your print job again. If the job still does not print, you might need to replace the cable.