My iPad Won't Turn Back On

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If your iPad won't turn on, you can try a few different options, including resetting your iPad. Sometimes the problem is simple: it could be a dead battery or a glitch in your iPad's system that needs to be reset.


Step 1

Charge your iPad's battery completely -- neglecting to do this will cause your iPad not to turn on. According to Apple's iPad user guide, charge your iPad for at least 10 minutes with your iPad turned off. (see Reference 2)


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Step 2

Turn your "hold" button to the "off" position. When you "hold' button is in the "on" position, your iPad will not respond to commands.


Step 3

Reset your iPad. To do this, press the bottom on top of your iPad and hold it until you see a red slide bar appear. Slide the bar, and then press the button again until you see the Apple logo, according to Apple's support web page. (see Reference 1)


Step 4

Turn your iPad on. If the iPad still does not come on, reset it again. To do this, hold down the button again, along with the "hold" button, until you see the Apple logo. According to Apple, this process should take around 10 seconds.