My RCA Television's DVD Player Does Not Work

RCA TV/DVD combo units let you watch TV and DVDs on one central unit. However, the convenience of the system can quickly be negated by the failure of the DVD player to work. Troubleshoot your RCA TV to determine why the DVD player isn't working and try to fix the problem on your own before seeking professional assistance.

Disc Compatibility

Both the unit and the discs are coded by region. If the disc you're trying to play isn't compatible with the region code associated with the DVD player on your RCA TV, the disc won't play. If your RCA TV/DVD combo unit is a region one device, use only region one-compatible discs. Most DVDs display system compatibility information on the back of the case or on the insert. Check the system compatibility information before inserting the disc.

Disc Problems

Discs containing fingerprints, smudges, dirty and deep scratches may not work in your RCA TV's DVD player; if those types of discs do work, the DVD player may freeze during playback. Wipe dirty discs with a soft cloth from the inner edge toward the outer perimeter to remove dirt and debris. Avoid using abrasive solutions such as glass cleaner, as they can damage the data on the disc. Finally, if the disc isn't inserted properly with the label side facing you, the DVD will not work.


How you store your RCA TV/DVD combo also has a role in the DVD player's performance. If the player starts and stops immediately, condensation may have formed inside the unit. This mainly happens if the unit is not stored at room temperature. According to RCA, due to sharp changes in temperature and humidity, condensation may form if warm air comes in contact with any cold parts inside the unit, preventing the unit from operating correctly. If the unit has condensation build-up, try moving it to room temperature for at least 30 to 60 minutes to reduce the condensation.

Other Considerations

RCA recommends storing the TV/DVD combo unit in temperatures no less than 4 degrees F and no higher than 149 degrees F. If you're not using the unit, remove the disc and turn off the device. Don't keep containers filled with liquids on the unit's surface; if the liquid tips over and spills, any liquid that goes through the vents can cause electrical problems. Don't leave the disc tray open and unattended; dirt can enter the slot and cause excessive wear to the playback heads.