My RCA TV Is Stuck on Standby

Standby mode can activate after hours of uninterrupted use, even during a game.
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The standby mode on your RCA TV is designed to turn on after several hours of inactivity to conserve electricity consumption in addition to preserving the life of your TV's back light. While in standby mode, your TV may become unresponsive or stuck, making it impossible to turn the TV back on.

Use the Access Panel

Standby mode is designed to wait until there is activity at the TV to turn back on. Pressing the "Power" button on your remote may not register while the TV is in standby mode. Locate the access panel, which is usually on the front, side or top of your set, and turn the TV on with the "Power" button on the access panel.

Overcharged Capacitor

The capacitors used to provide power to your TV can cause problems with responsiveness in your TV. When over-charged by remaining on, yet not in use, these capacitors may fail to release their power to the TV. A power-cycle of your TV can release the stored power in your capacitors. Unplug your TV while holding the "Power" button for 30 seconds to release any built-up charge in your TV. Plug the TV back into the electrical outlet and turn it on.

Front Panel Lock

The front panel lock is one of several parental controls installed on your RCA TV. This feature prevents children from turning on a TV without the remote control. This feature may be turned off through the main menu on your TV. If this feature is enabled, your TV may remain stuck in standby mode until you perform a power-cycle of the set.

Check your Connections

While not a feature related to your RCA TV's standby mode, the power supply to your TV will dictate its performance. If you have your TV plugged into a surge protector, check the indicator light on the surge protector to determine if it is working and properly powering your TV. Plug your TV into a new surge protector or electrical outlet to determine if a problem with the outlet is responsible for your TV remaining in standby mode.

Customer Support

Some problems cannot be user serviced and must be repaired by a trained professional. If your TV remains in standby mode after disabling the front panel lock, changing electrical outlets and performing a power-cycle, you should contact RCA customer support (see Resources).