How to Fix a FPA Lock Without a Remote

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Without a remote, unplug your television to remove an FPA lock.
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FPA locks, or front panel access locks, are designed to prevent children from adjusting a television without a remote. Enacting such a lock can bar young viewers from inappropriate content when an adult isn't preset to supervise them. Yet FPA locks can prove troublesome for unwitting grownups. This holds especially true when the television's remote can't be found; it's often the only tool that can disengage the lock. Vexed users without a remote should try rebooting their television to end the hassle.


Step 1

Unplug the TV entirely. Allow it to sit untouched for five minutes. Plug in the TV and turn it on. This action can help to drain some of the energy from the unit, effectively restarting the TV before the FPA lock was set up.

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Step 2

Elongate the span of unplugged time from five minutes to overnight if Step 1 fails.


Step 3

Hold the TV's "Power" or "On" button, located on the TV's body, for a few seconds. This may free the TV from the lock.


Step 4

Remove any batteries that may be inside the TV. Power it off and let sit for a few minutes. Replace the batteries and turn on the TV to see if the FPA lock was removed.



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