RCA Converter Box Problems


RCA converter boxes are used with older TVs to transform digital signals into analog inputs that can be read and shown by the TV screen. Since all over the air broadcasts are now digital, analog TVs cannot pick up the signals by themselves. The RCA converter box acts as an adapter, picking up the digital signals and formatting them into analog data that is compatible with the TV.

Antenna Placement

The clarity of the RCA converter depends largely on how well the antenna can pick up signals. A misplaced antenna, or one that experiences interference, can create problems with picture quality and may drop certain channels. Sometimes adjusting the antenna improves quality. Placing an indoor antenna by a window or outer wall may improve reception, but outdoor antennas are viewed as more dependable.

Auto Scans

An auto scan runs through your TV's available channels and picks up the RCA box, acknowledging that it is there and linking it with specific channels on the TV. Many RCA converters need this step to properly function, and will not work unless the auto scan feature is used. Different converters have different auto scan processes, but user manuals can be consulted for instructions that are more detailed.

Settings Complications

Some RCA converters are made for a slightly different model of TV than the one you may have, or may not be ready to pick up the broadcasts available in your area. This means the converters will not function properly immediately out of the box. Performing a factory reset can solve most of these problems. Usually, a reset button or reset command is available that you can use. It may require a code, but prior to set-up, the code is usually 0000.

Connection Problems

The most common problems for RCA converter boxes are improper connections. You may need to choose different channels or video inputs in order to make the TV correctly display the image from the RCA converter box. The correct choice of channel or video inputs depends on where the converter box is plugged in. Sometimes, the power source can develop problems. Unplugging the AC power cord for a period of time can solve some problems that develop.

Audio and Language Complications

Audio and language settings often change when an RCA converter box is used. This does not mean that something is wrong with the box itself, but rather with the new settings. Generally, the TV menu can be used to change the language back to English if it has changed to another language like Spanish or French. Low audio will require higher volume, since this setting is likely to stay.