Reasons Why My Vizio TV Keeps Blinking

A blinking screen on your Vizio TV can be the result of one of several issues, but it ultimately results in an unpleasant viewing experience for you and your family. The source of your blinking screen may be the result of a poor cable signal, a malfunction in one of the devices attached to your TV or the first sign of internal hardware failure.

The blinking problem with your Vizio TV may not be the result of problems with your TV.
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Check and Reconnect All Connections

Check the cable connections leading into your TV. This includes any HDMI, composite or component cables, in addition to the coaxial cable coming from your cable outlet. Look for any kinks, frays or tears in the cable that may be causing a weak or inconsistent signal to be sent to your TV. Replace these cables if necessary, and reconnect them to your TV.

Advanced Video Settings

The "Advanced Video Settings" in your Vizio TV's menu allows you to use a number of effects designed to enhance your viewing experience. While these features can provide added control to your viewing experience, they may also be causing the flickering problem with your TV. Some of these features can include ambient lighting, backlight control and advanced adaptive luma options. Disable any options listed under the "Advanced Video Settings," and power off your TV to determine if these options are causing your TV to flicker.

Discharge Your TV

Like many electronic devices, your Vizio TV contains Random Access Memory that may act erratically after long periods of continuous use. You may discharge your TV and free the available RAM by unplugging your TV and pressing the "Power" button for 30 seconds. Plug the TV back into the power supply, and turn your TV on to determine if it is still flickering.

Power Cycle Your Equipment

Just as your TV may need to be discharged, the equipment connected to your Vizio TV may also need to be discharged and restarted. This process is referred to as a "Power Cycle" and restarts your entire entertainment system. Just as with your TV, unplug your cable box, satellite receiver, Blu-ray disc player and any other device connected to your TV for 30 seconds. Restart each device after discharging your TV to determine if a device like your cable box is causing the disruption.