Hisense LCD TV Problems

Although they began as a small radio manufacturer in China, Hisense is now a multi-billion dollar electronics company specializing in televisions, mobile phones and telecommunications. Despite the affordability of their products, they are not without flaws. Although the Hisense LCD monitor works well as a computer screen, it is deficient in several areas as a TV. Certain Hisense LCD TV models suffer in picture quality and overall value.

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Hisense LCD TV Problems
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Hisense 22-inch LCD TV


CNET says that Hisense's 22-inch LCD model has moderate picture quality problems. Although the Hisense LCD TV has a 1000:1 contrast ratio and 1080i resolution, it cannot handle bright scenes in a movie or television program. CNET says that bright scenes appear grayish and dull.

Hisense 32-inch LCD TV

Television.com says that Hisense's 32-inch LCD TV's weak contrast is noticeable during HDTV. HD broadcasts also showcase the TV's overly sharp picture, while analog broadcasts exhibit lack of detail and flaws during close-ups. On-screen text appears shaky and unclear as well.

Hisense 47-inch LCD TV

Smart House reports that the Hisense 47-inch LCD TV suffers during Blu-ray and HD DVD testing. Overall picture sharpness is sub-par, and adjusting the sharpness makes the picture look too soft. Although minor, Smart House also said that imagery was somewhat shaky during high-motion scenes.

Overall Value

CNET and Television.com argue that Hisense LCD TVs lack overall value. CNET says the 22-inch model is insufficient compared to its competitors, while Television.com says that the 37-inch model's affordable price does not excuse its deficiencies.

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